Born and fed in Trinidad and Tobago. Amateur photographer. Recovering nihilist. Radiohead and soca music enthusiast.

Dr. Varala Maraj

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing at the University of Bath’s School of Management. My main research interest falls into the area of digital consumption within consumer behaviour. I adopt a Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) perspective, leveraging an interpretive paradigm and qualitative methods to examine consumption and marketplace phenomena, including: (1) materiality, embodiment and sensory experiences; (2) tensions and paradoxes of sharing, accessing or owning digital objects; (3) effects of digitisation on consumer desire and technology valuation.

What I do:

Qualitative research

Consumer Culture Theory

Interpretive paradigm

Higher education & Problem Based Learning


School of Management | University of Bath (2020-present)

Module Leader & Lecturer: Principles of Marketing (B.Sc. Level), Consumer Behaviour (M.Sc. Level)

Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) | City, University of London (2015-2020)

Module Leader & Lecturer: Introduction to Marketing (M.Sc. Level).

Problem Based Learning Instructor: Critical Thinking (B.Sc. Level), Critical Analysis for Business (B.Sc. Level)

Ph.D. in Management (Marketing) Candidate: My dissertation examines the value of materiality in the digital era. I explore how digital natives consume analog technology products and how digitisation affects consumption and the broader socio-cultural context.

Teaching Assistant: Fundamentals of Marketing (B.Sc. Level), Principles of Marketing (B.Sc. Level)